Technology is our main focus, and digital competence our differentiator. Businesses struggle discovering and assessing the relevance and impact of new technologies in their day to day operations - and in their future. We are constantly exploring the latest trends in technology, differentiating hype from valuable innovation and assessing the impact for our customers.

We use this knowledge to your advantage when building your technology landscape based on proven state of the art technology. Our offering:

Cloud Native Applications

Cloud native applications enable faster development, provide hardware platform independence, more cost effective operations and better scalability.

Immutable infrastructure, microservices, declarative APIs, containers, and service meshes are the technological blocks upon which cloud-native applications are built. 

We build cloud native applications on AWS, GCP and Azure.

Enterprise Applications

Business applications play a strategic role in all critical operation areas of modern businesses. 

We make use of state-of-the-art enterprise technology and modern approaches to develop the innovative features your solution needs, driven by stability, scalability, and security. 

We design and build APIs to expose those features, greatly simplifying the integration of your technology landscape. 

Mobile Applications

Mobile apps are the most widespread end-user technology, always available when needed.

Based on our user-centered approach, we design and implement tailor-made apps to meet customer needs and ensure that your new app wows your users. 

We create mobile solutions based on the technology that suits your needs best, be it native iOS and Android apps, cross-platform or progressive web applications.

Automation and Test Labs

High quality products and services depend on adequate quality control.

We provide cost effective testing services for each phase of your project, from initial test case creation, regression testing, smoke testing, to acceptance testing.

Our test experts can set up the automation for your product or project, be it based on Selenium and XRay or using a cloud based testing infrastructure hosting actual mobile devices that allow you to make sure your application works for all your customers. 

Software Architecture

Successful technology solutions can only be based on a robust and scalable software architecture that is fit for purpose.

Will a microservice architecture that enables your company to quickly develop business capabilities independently be the right choice? Or should you go for an event-driven architecture that will enable the processing of large volumes of constantly flowing data?

Our hands-on architects design working architectures – and build them too! 

Web Applications

Do you need a Progressive Web App that enables offline functionality and a native look and feel, a Reactive Web App that renders properly on smartphones, tablets and larger screens alike, or even a single page application?

Based on the most powerful technologies, like React, Angular and Vue, we deliver the kind of web application best suited to your needs. 

We build modern solutions that enable you to offer your users the complex functionality they need, in a simple way.

Swiss Engineering

We provide the best engineering and quality with Swiss-based professionals who have top education, extensive industry experience, and continuous training. Our team integrates seamlessly with your local teams onsite, ensuring high performance and customer satisfaction.